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5 Students Who are Spirit Makers

5 Students Who
Juan Crespo

Juan Crespo

  • Elizabeth Hudson
  • Jim Mlynarski
  • Juan Crespo
  • Elizabeth Gerrity
  • Paul Branham

Name: Juan Crespo
Major: Atmospheric Science
Year: Junior
Hometown: South Bend, Indiana

Fascinated by the irregularities of the weather, passionate for sports and his faith, Juan pours his Boilermaker Spirit into everything he does as a student, an ambassador, a Supplemental Instruction Leader, and member of the Paint Crew and Block Party.

Eye on the radar

“I have always had a passion for the weather; maybe from watching the rain fall or the movie ‘Twister.’ Since fifth grade, I had Purdue on my radar when it came to colleges for meteorology programs. I accepted my Purdue offer before my last semester of senior year even began.”


“I was a Notre Dame fan until the day Purdue beat No. 7 Ohio State in football. That day I was fully converted to the gold and black. I remembered all Purdue fans, young and old, united in a ‘Boiler Up’ chant towards the end of the game. Ironically, the same day, Notre Dame lost again to USC.”

More than a Science Ambassador

“I could be having a bad day, two midterms the next day and may not have slept since the weekend, but I need to put that behind me when I am meeting with prospective students. The way you carry yourself outside the classroom impacts what people think about Purdue.”

Living the traditions

“We are Boilermakers because we live the Purdue traditions. You camp out in the cold, get up early for the game, wear your gold and black and stand behind the team no matter what happens.”

Combining passions

“I always put God as my No. 1 priority. Often that means getting up for the earlier masses on Sunday so I can watch the game. I have even gone from Mackey straight to St. Thomas Aquinas in my typical Purdue spirit wear.”

Boilermaker to the core

“You wear your Purdue gear eight days a week. You support the team in season and out of season. You bleed gold and black from the second you first set foot in West Lafayette until the day you die.”

By Fabiola Rojas
Published March 2012