Record Maker

5 Students Who are Record Makers

5 Students Who
Brittany Rayburn

Brittany Rayburn

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  • Silai Mirzoy
  • David Boudia
  • Brittany Rayburn
  • John Christopher Russo

Name: Brittany Rayburn
Major: Animal Sciences
Year: May 2012 graduate (1st year Veterinary Medicine)
Hometown: Attica, Indiana

If you want to fire up Brittany Rayburn, just tell her she can’t do something. Purdue’s female Medal of Honor winner holds NCAA, Big Ten and Purdue records, but she’s not done yet. Up next: see where her basketball career takes her — all while studying at Purdue's College of Veterinary Medicine." Just try to tell her she can’t.

For the Record

“I think records only speak volumes for your athletic ability but there are other aspects to life, and I take it as an honor and keep moving on. In both academics and athletics — I couldn’t do any of this without the help of the people around me.”


“I wasn’t sure what to expect coming onto a big campus with 500 in a psychology class. I graduated in a class of only 50. But the ability of the professors to get to know you on a personal basis has been amazing.”

Sixth Man

“My mom didn’t miss a game this year. I had pneumonia in the middle of the year and the first game back from pneumonia was at Auburn. She drove 11 hours so that she could be there in case anything happened. She’s been amazing. It’s nice to know she’ll be there whether it’s 11 hours or 45 minutes.”

Power Forward

“If someone tells me ‘Well you can’t do this,’ I say — ‘You want to bet? I’ll prove you wrong.’ If they said, ‘I’ll bet you can’t get an A in this class,’ I’d say, ‘You want to bet?’ I’ll do it; I’ll prove it to you!’”

Instant Replay

“I would do it all again if I could. Purdue’s been an amazing experience. And I’ve always said my whole career — basketball has taken me into my dream of being a vet and really advanced that dream and I love that. But its something I don’t take for granted, and it’s something that I’m blessed to have.”

By Kate Walker
Photos by Andrew Hancock
Published June 2012