Five Students Who are
Policy Makers

They work with a vibrant community of faculty researchers and thought leaders. They experience hands-on learning and leadership. They are ready to make the world a better place — poised to craft the policies and principles that will shape our lives. Meet five students who use their passions to create change that matters.

In addition to the five students above, these three students (pictured at right) are high-profile policy makers at Purdue — working with governing bodies at the local, state and national level to effect change in education.

“Education leads to more jobs, less unemployment, informed citizens and a better quality of life. Reinvesting in our education system gives people the tools needed to live successfully and impact the world. I want to eliminate barriers to getting an education and give everyone the opportunity to learn.”

Tyler Teykl
Junior, Chemical Engineering
Rosenberg, Texas
Student Trustee, Purdue Board of Trustees

“The impact of education begins in the classroom, but it must be nurtured by a nationwide culture that believes in and supports higher education. I want to share this message with others across our nation. I will look for opportunities to become part of the team that creates policy — it’s the best way to make a real difference.”

Keith Hansen
Senior, Biomedical Engineering
West Lafayette, Indiana
Student Commissioner, Indiana Commission for Higher Education

“The life of a graduate student isn’t easy. One of the biggest stressors: financial stability. I want to help improve quality of life for graduate students at Purdue. I believe that when graduate students are happier, they do better research.”

Rebecca Logsdon
Graduate Student, Agricultural and Biological Engineering
Ecological Sciences and Engineering Interdisciplinary Graduate Program
Springdale, Arkansas
Graduate Student Liaison, West Lafayette City Council
President, Purdue Graduate Student Government