Setting the pace

Name: Brady Moss
Major: Accounting and Finance
Year: Junior
Hometown: Elkhart, Indiana

Top notch from the get-go: For Brady, academic success has been a priority since grade school. “My parents always pushed me to get my education — something they didn’t have. If I didn’t meet the standards that I personally set for myself they would let me know that I needed to do better.”

Homing in on success: Brady knew that Purdue helps students achieve their personal and academic goals, so he joined the HORIZONS Student Support Program to help him transition to college life. “HORIZONS really helped me get off to a good start.” Brady credits HORIZONS for his work ethic, campus involvement and good grades.

Character counts: After graduating from Purdue, Brady wants to get his MBA and pursue a career in corporate finance — the right way. “I am someone who is very loyal and believes in values. I want to make sure whatever company I work for believes in social responsibility and doing the right thing.”

Like father, like son: Brady says his 3-year-old son is his key motivator. “Education at Purdue will help me give him the resources that I didn’t have. I want him to pursue his dreams.” He also encourages his siblings to be path makers as well, and he gets their encouragement in return.

Tried and true: Working hard and seizing every opportunity has helped Brady be successful at Purdue. “I know it’s cliché, but hard work is something I believe in whether it’s playing basketball, studying for an exam or trying to get a job. Being a father-figure, it’s really nothing without hard work.”

By Kelly Rogers