Education for entrepreneurship

Name: Jason Kienzle
Major: Computer graphics technology
Year: Junior
Hometown: Calumet Township, Indiana

Mom’s the word: Jason’s mother is his motivator. “We didn’t have the means to put me through college. She knew that the only way I was going to accomplish something in life was through my own achievement. She wanted me to accomplish more than she could.” Jason hopes his younger sisters will follow in his footsteps and pursue their dreams, too.

Purdue, and only Purdue: During his college search, Jason got mailings from lots of schools, but Purdue grabbed him. “Everything I saw from Purdue got me excited. I visited Purdue once and I fell in love. I only applied to Purdue and that’s the school I got into.”

Trailblazer and scholar: Jason landed the Trustees Scholarship at Purdue — one of Purdue’s most valuable merit awards. “Receiving the scholarship was a great feeling and I am very grateful for it. So far I haven’t had to take out a single student loan.”

Future business maker: Jason is in Purdue’s entrepreneurship certificate program and plans to have his own business someday. “The great part about computer graphics technology is that there is such a broad range of things you can do with it, so I still have time to choose what business I want to get into … but I definitely want to do something of my own.”

A balancing act: In addition to internships, classes and carving out time for himself and his family, Jason is involved in activities like mentoring freshmen students with Purdue Promise and serving as an ambassador for the Entrepreneurship Program. His secret to managing it all? “I make lists and check them off. The only way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time.”

By Kinnari Sejpal