Opportunity Maker

5 Students Who are Opportunity Makers

5 Students Who
Elias Theodosis

Elias Theodosis

  • Laci Brock
  • Anthony Cofer
  • Alisha Garcia
  • Elias Theodosis
  • Crissy Travis

Name: Elias Theodosis
Major: Psychology
Minor: Spanish
Year: Senior
Hometown: Mount Vernon, Indiana

With few role models in his rural hometown to motivate him to pursue higher education, Elias had to chart his own course. Now ready to graduate and pursue a Ph.D. in psychology, Elias is the first person in his immediate family to get a college degree. If you see a little grease or oil under his fingernails, cut him some slack — he can fix your car while he helps you get an A on your next test.

Pay the bills

“I always worked for my parents [they own Theodosis Auto, a repair shop] and for local farmers. I was told when I was younger that when I got to school, it was up to me to succeed. Right now I work at Auto Zone about 20 hours a week.”

Summer gig

“I worked at Wabash Valley, Riverbend Hospital over the summer as a psychiatric technician. I talked to patients to log their progress. When someone was discharged, a lot of times they would come and say thank you. You don’t always get that at Auto Zone.”

“I’m thinking! I’m thinking!”

“I do research in the Cognition and Learning Lab. It’s metacognitive research—it refers to you analyzing your own thinking. I’m building on one of Jeff’s (Prof. Jeff Karpicke) hypotheses about the effects of testing on learning. It’s about how repeating studying and testing helps learning.”

Elias’s top 3 test tips

“No. 1: Don’t just read the chapter. Read it, summarize it and write it down in your own words. Then reread that, and rewrite it from memory.
“No. 2: Don’t lie to yourself. Cover up the material and see if you can recite it. If you can’t, study and retest yourself.
“No. 3: Study, recall; study, recall; study, recall. It really works.”

By Amy Raley
Published April 2012