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Danielle Yu

Danielle Yu

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Name: Danielle Yu
Major: Speech language and hearing sciences; minor in music history and theory
Year: Senior
Hometown: Egg Harbor City, New Jersey

Music has been a part of Danielle’s life since she was very young. She is passionate about all things musical, but she also has a passion for the way we speak and the way we hear. That’s why she wants to pursue a career in speech pathology. After she graduates in May, she plans to attend graduate school. Danielle has been a member of Purdue Bells for four consecutive years, but that’s just the tip of her musical iceberg.

A woman of many talents

“I started piano lessons when I was 5, but then I took up the trumpet, the violin, the guitar, the ukulele, and I was in my high school bell choir. I was also very involved with choir and choir accompaniment in high school. I can also fiddle around with the harmonica, and I’m working on learning percussion.”

Sound-speech-music connection

“I’m interested in vocal therapy and how musical concepts can be incorporated into therapy. Music ties into the speech and language field when you think about how we hear, process and create music. I’m interested in exploring how the brain works in different environments, especially when listening to music.”

Free time is music-filled

“For me, music itself is one collection of separate hobbies. Every instrument is separate, and singing is separate, too. Aside from music, when I have time, I like reading, writing and blogging for fun.”

Creative outlet

“I really like the creativity involved in making music. There are so many different styles to choose from. It’s also a good stress reliever and a good break from schoolwork. No matter how stressed out I am about something, music helps me stop thinking about that and focus on something else. For that hour or two, the stress is gone.”

One-woman band

“I own a lot of the instruments I can play. At home in New Jersey, I have a piano, a trumpet and an erhu (a Chinese stringed instrument), and here I have an acoustic guitar, an electric guitar, an acoustic/electric guitar, a trumpet, a ukulele and a cajon (a drum-like instrument).”

Good times, good friends

“It’s such a privilege to work with a dozen other Bells (at Purdue). We’re all here because we want to be, not because we have to be. That’s the best part. And we’re all good friends, even across PMO ensembles. I’ve also enjoyed being involved in leadership with Purdue Bells. Last year I had the honor of being the manager, which was the highlight of my career.”

Quite a special show

“This is my fourth and final Christmas Show, and my whole family is coming to see it since they’ve never seen me perform live before. My grandparents are flying in from China and will be there, too.”

By Kim Delker
Published December 1, 2011