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Kenneth Tan

Kenneth Tan

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Name: Kenneth Tan
Major: Chemical engineering
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia

Coming to Purdue from Malaysia, Kenneth Tan quickly found a home here, thanks to his love of music. Kenneth is a member of Heart and Soul, a 30-member performance ensemble in Purdue Musical Organizations (PMO). He also is involved musically with the Purdue Malaysian Students Association.

Supporting cast

“When I came here I knew absolutely no one. It was really hard. It was one of the loneliest times of my life, and then I joined choir and it just clicked. We all became really good friends and it created a good support group.”

Developing through music

“I love PMO and I love what they do. They’re not just a singing group; they promote community and good relationships between one another. It has been a great place to grow, meet people and enjoy yourself.”

Family inspiration

“My confirmation godfather inspired me to be creative in music, to just listen, play by ear and feel music. My parents also inspire me. My mom is a music lecturer, and always made sure I was disciplined and practiced. My dad also always encouraged and provided a lot of opportunities for me to perform.”

Timing is everything

“Music has helped me in my discipline because it’s all about timing. You have to set aside time to practice. Whatever I do in life, I make sure I always to do my best because that’s how I practice my music. I put in my best to get the best results.”

De-stress and unwind

“Music is the one thing that allows me to unwind. It makes me forget everything and just concentrate on music. I want to keep that going throughout my life, whether finding a community where I can sing or play in church that will always help me have a constant feeling of ease.”

By Kelly Rogers
Published December 1, 2011