Music Maker

Music Maker

5 Students Who are Music Makers

5 Students Who
Amy Lohrman

Amy Lohrman

  • Michael King
  • Amy Lohrman
  • Kenneth Tan
  • Cherrie Lemon
  • Danielle Yu

Name: Amy Lohrman
Major: Computer and information technology
Year: Senior
Hometown: Crown Point, Indiana

Amy has been making music since she first picked up a flute in fourth grade. Today, while pursuing a degree in technology, she plays flute and piccolo for the Purdue Concert Band, the women’s volleyball pep band, the Box Band, the women’s basketball pep band, and Gold and Black Sound. She also is in the Purdue Bands Partnership Program, helping foster high school musicians’ love of music.

Passionate about computers

“After graduation, I’d like to work as a systems analyst for a small company. I enjoy database work because it’s all about coming up with solutions for database problems. There aren’t many women in the field, but I chose Purdue’s program because of the great mentoring opportunities offered in the department.”

Memory maker

“I’m the designated person who takes photos of every family event. I love to take pictures of people doing things, then create scrapbooks and do multimedia presentations of the pictures.”

Faith, family and friends

“My faith definitely keeps me passionate, just using the talents I’ve been given in every opportunity possible. I always say I owe everything to faith, family and friends.”

Encouraging the next generation

“I love working with the Purdue Bands Partnership, which brings high school students together with Purdue students to keep them excited about music and lets them see that there are so many opportunities to be in music programs past high school. It’s important to educate people that music can be part of your life no matter where you are. I’m especially excited to be partnering with the Crown Point band this year.”

Let the music play

“After I graduate, I plan to keeping playing music in my church, at any community service event I can, and anywhere else I find the opportunity. One of my goals is to never stop having music be a part of my life.”

By Kim Delker
Published December 1, 2011