• YEAR: Senior
  • MAJOR: Finance and Accounting
  • HOMETOWN: Reston, Virginia

Dennis Man

Dennis Man says the key to balancing the demands of life is efficient time management. Dennis should know — he's already started his own company, joined the Purdue rowing team, mentored freshmen and helped organize large career fairs. And he's done all that in less than four years at Purdue.

International background

Dennis developed a love for traveling at a very early age. His family lived in Argentina, where he attended elementary school, before moving to Germany. Dennis also has traveled to numerous countries across Europe.

"Growing up and visiting so many places really instilled in me an appreciation for diversity," Dennis says. "Having friends from all over the world is just incredible, and the experiences help me better work with a variety of people and appreciate different opinions. It all makes for a richer experience inside and outside the classroom."

Ready to row

Dennis says Purdue was an easy choice — strong programs, generous financial aid and a great rowing team. Dennis was a key part of his high school's rowing team and he knew he wanted to continue with the sport in college.

"I enjoy being out on the water and the team aspect of the sport," he says. "You have a group of rowers who need to be in-sync and rowing at the same pace. You develop together as a team, but it's a really hard thing to do. It's much harder than it looks."

Getting down to business

As a college student, Dennis understands the frustration of trying to shop around town without a car. That's why he and a couple of other Krannert students co-founded a company called Kurgol. It's a same-day delivery platform for fresh food and other items from stores. "Krannert has a strong network of entrepreneurs, which has been a big advantage in starting Kurgol."

Dennis' resume is packed with other real-world experiences, including work on projects for General Mills, AT&T and Food Finders. He hopes to use the experiences and his education in a career in either finance or consulting.

Family time

Dennis says the other students and faculty he interacts with in the Business Opportunity Program, which provides networking opportunities for minority students, have become like a family to him during his time at Purdue. "I receive incredible personal and professional support. There's nothing like it in the rest of the country."

Even with all of his accomplishments, Dennis says he is most proud of his ability to stay connected with his family back home. "I always stay very close to my family, even if I am busy."