Kindra Rodgers

Physical fitness is not just about weights and treadmills; it is about staying active and doing what you enjoy. At least that is what Kindra Rodgers, an avid lover of dance, believes. Now in her third year with the Jahari dance troupe at Purdue, Kindra shows that staying healthy can be fun too.

Age: 20
Hometown: Lafayette, Indiana
Year in School: Junior
Major: Organizational leadership and supervision
Career goal: To become a human resource manager
Favorite pastime: Writing songs. She has been writing since third grade
Claim to fame: Starring in a few commercials

Starting young: Seeing that the obesity rates in America are high, Kindra decided to take care of her health at an early age. “After seeing what's happening to America, I told myself that I should start now so I can avoid being in that situation later on in life.”

Motivation to keep going: Kindra relies on her inspiration to stay committed to dance. She enjoys Michael Jackson’s music and sometimes just starts dancing to one of his tracks when she is at home. “It’s amazing how much you can enjoy yourself and get a good workout at the same time!”

A mind-body-soul connection: “Dancing helps me to stay in shape, but more importantly, it helps me let it all out and cope with stress. It just makes me feel alive, fun and positive,” Kindra says.

An experience worth forgetting: Kindra recalls trying some dangerous dance tricks when she was younger. She saw someone doing the splits, which she thought would be fun to emulate. “I tried to jump in the air and do the split but instead I went 'splat!' I will never be doing that again!”

Advice to others: Kindra admits she is not a person who enjoys exercising and points out that there are other creative ways to staying fit. “I have been playing the Wii a lot and that is a workout in itself! You don’t have to put on a DVD and do crunches. You can dance, play sports or walk your dog – just find that thing you love doing and you will stick with it.”

By Kinnari Sejpal