• YEAR: Senior
  • MAJOR: Management
  • HOMETOWN: Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Pablo Puente

Born in Bolivia but raised in Lafayette, Pablo Puente says Purdue was a given for him by his 10th birthday. The youngest of five boys, he saw two head off to Purdue; brothers Jorge Eduardo and Mauricio earned industrial engineering degrees here a decade ago. In keeping a new family tradition, Pablo was to be a Purdue engineer. Instead, he is finding his own way through the Krannert School of Management.

In the days of Drew Brees, Pablo once spent an entire Purdue-Michigan football game atop Mauricio's shoulders in the student section. They stormed the field after the victory. Now grown, the little brother shared an apartment with big brother Mauricio when he returned to Purdue to earn an MBA. For this trio of Puentes, Purdue is the tie that binds.

Loving the law

It's the lawyerly life that Pablo desires. After moving to Indianapolis, he discovered a passion for law in a senior class at Lawrence Central High School. "Corporate law would be best for me," says Pablo, who praises Cliff Fisher, clinical associate professor of management and academic director of Krannert's undergraduate program for his business law classes. "Professor Fisher teaches an independent study course for students interested in going to law school. By the time I graduate, I will have taken seven classes with him."

Krannert extracurricular

Though his class load may have lightened in his senior year, Pablo keeps busy with a slew of extracurricular activities. From SMEF (School of Management Employer's Forum) to SOGA (Student Organization Grant Allocation), he's found a way to help create a personal legacy of giving back on campus. SMEF, he says, offers the Big Ten's only student-run job fair to management students. On the SOGA board, Pablo helps determine how to best distribute $400,000 to student organizations across campus.

New York state of mind

Pablo worked as an intern at J.P. Morgan in Manhattan last summer and stepped right into the pace of the Big Apple, embracing everything except for his city commute. "I love New York and really hope to end up working there," he says.

With the LSAT (Law School Admission Test) looming in October, Pablo will begin applying to schools. "If I get into a top 15 law school, I'll go that route. If not, I'll go to work," says Pablo, a fluent Spanish speaker who would also like to travel the world.

Solace in soccer

With a brain that's often working overtime on torts, legal contracts and financial analysis, Pablo finds peace of mind on the soccer field. He played for Lawrence Central and can be found these days practicing his footwork on one of Purdue's intramural fields. "It just clears my mind," he says. "I don't think of anything when I'm playing soccer, and that's probably the only thing that does that for me."

Legacy links
  • Brother: Jorge Eduardo Puente,
    BS '00, industrial engineering
  • Brother: Mauricio Puente,
    BS '02, industrial engineering; MBA '11, management