• YEAR: Sophomore
  • MAJOR: Animal Sciences
  • HOMETOWN: Royal Center, Indiana

Bailey Farrer

By the age of 3, as soon as Bailey Farrer could walk and follow a pig, her parents put her in the show ring. She quickly added cattle to her list and hasn't stopped showing livestock since. It's a family tradition that this animal sciences major intends some day to pass on to her children. One of 25 family members to attend Purdue, she'll likely pass on the Boilermaker tradition. Meet legacy maker, fair queen and a national name in livestock rings ... Bailey Farrer.

Down on the farm

Bailey grew up on the family Farrer Stock Farm, home to 200 head of brood cattle and some 60 sows primarily devoted to show stock. She learned about breeding and showing by working alongside her father, Purdue graduate Tom Farrer (BS '78, animal sciences), who has judged livestock in 27 states and in Canada. "I am passionate about livestock and meeting new people nationwide who share the same roots in agriculture," she says. She plans a career in agricultural pharmaceutical sales, which she says will allow her to promote the latest advancements in medicine and equipment for food animals and pursue a few other passions — traveling and meeting people.

Early to rise

As a 10-year veteran of 4-H, Bailey had no break during summer. She rose at 5:30 a.m. to help care for the livestock; fed, groomed and walked her own animals; and traveled around the nation, often being at shows for a combined month each summer. Her hard work paid off. She was named Reserve Supreme Showman at the Indiana State Fair in 2008.

"4-H was practically my job," Bailey says. "It was a huge time commitment. Showing is more than a hobby. It's a lifestyle my family chose. I learned about responsibility, commitment, hard work and it teaches you to keep your priorities straight. It's what I love. Sometimes life's biggest failures teach you the biggest lessons."

More to life than livestock

In addition to teaching Bailey about livestock, her parents made sure she was raised a Boilermaker. She attended a father/daughter basketball camp at Purdue when she was in fifth grade, traveled to campus to watch football and basketball games, and watched her two older brothers head off to West Lafayette for college. She learned what it means to be a member of the Purdue family. "A Boilermaker isn't afraid to blaze a new trail and try something new," she says. "I strive to make new things happen and take advantage of all the opportunities available to me at Purdue."

No down time

Bailey, who is also Miss Cass County 2012 and runner-up to the 2012 Indiana State Fair queen, plays the piano and is involved with Block and Bridle. She's a member of the Grand Prix Junior Board, Purdue Alumni Student Experience, Delta Gamma sorority, National Junior Board for Team Purebred and the Indiana Junior Beef Cattle Junior Board. She will take part this winter in a service-learning trip to Haiti.

In addition to a class load that includes organic chemistry and calculus, is this too much? Energetic and enthusiastic, Farrer doesn't think so. Her credo?
"YOLO — You Only Live Once. I believe we are never promised tomorrow, so we might as well seize every opportunity of every day."

Legacy links
  • Father: Tom Farrer,
    BS '78, animal sciences
  • Mother: Lisa (Goodrich) Farrer,
    BA '78, education
  • Brother: Payton Farrer,
    BS '07, agricultural systems management
  • Brother: Taylor Farrer,
    BS '11, agricultural economics
  • Uncle: Steve Farrer,
    BS '74, agricultural economics
  • Aunt: Terry (Curtis) Farrer,
    BS '74, dietetics
  • Cousin: Brad Farrer,
    BS '01, agricultural economics
  • Cousin's wife: Brandi (Nichols) Farrer,
    BS '05, agricultural sales and marketing
  • Cousin: Drew Farrer,
    BS '07, animal agribusiness
  • Cousin's wife: Stacy (Duncan) Farrer, BA '09, education
  • Cousin: John Farrer,
    landscape architecture (attending)
  • Uncle: Greg Goodrich,
    BS '75, industrial engineering
  • Cousin: Greg B. Goodrich,
    BS '94, meteorology
  • Cousin's wife: Demara (Farnbach) Goodrich,
    BS '99, nursing
  • Cousin's husband: Jim Allen,
    BS '93, agricultural economics
  • Cousin: Chandra (Goodrich) Allen,
    BS '96, agricultural business and marketing
  • Cousin's husband: Ray Calisto,
    BS '01, pharmacy
  • Cousin: Shelly (Goodrich) Calisto,
    BS '01, education
  • Uncle: Barry Goodrich,
    BS '80, industrial engineering