Leading by example

Name: Benjamin Crockett
Program: Master of Business Administration, Krannert School of Management
Year: Second
Hometown: Rock Creek, Idaho

Making a difference: “Peers within the program encouraged me to run for president of the Krannert Graduate Student Association (KGSA) during my first year. My real inspiration stemmed from my passion for the program and the great students from every corner of the world. I decided that if I could make a difference in one graduate student's life, then I would be able to help all the boats in the Krannert harbor rise.”

Leading from far away: “Leading KGSA from Germany during the first eight weeks of the presidency was a real challenge. We learned to work together as a team to strengthen the vision for KGSA. Witnessing the team succeed, after having helped them along the way, really inspired me.”

Defining a leader: “A good leader has a sincere desire to serve the people for whom he has responsibility. When you've worked with a leader who exudes this characteristic, you can feel it through their actions and their vision, and it inspires you to work harder and smarter.”

Focused to help others: “When I heard that my international classmates were discouraged because they couldn't obtain internship positions in the U.S., I contacted friends and alumni in the Washington state area and arranged for plant visits and cultural exchanges. The Krannert response was positive, and we launched our first global exchange for international MBAs in Seattle, where we visited Boeing, Amazon, Microsoft and the Seattle Mariners.”

Inspiring quote: “Our education must never stop. If it ends at the door of the classroom on graduation day, we will fail.” – H. Eyring

What most people don't know: Crockett grew up as a fifth-generation cattle rancher.

By Fabiola Rojas