Driven to lead

Name: Eydee Colome
Major: Law and Society
Year: Senior
Hometown: Born in the Dominican Republic, Eydee grew up in Chicago, Illinois.

Getting involved: When Eydee had a difficult time adjusting to college life, she followed her advisor’s advice and got involved. What began as a way to feel comfortable in her new home soon became an opportunity to realize her leadership potential. Today, she is president of the student organization DRIVEN (Diversity Retention Initiatives through Volunteering, Education and Networking) in the College of Liberal Arts and also serves as a Dean’s Ambassador.

Why Purdue? Eydee admits stepping out of her comfort zone to attend Purdue, but feels the payoff has been worth it. “Purdue definitely challenged me, but I’ve found that’s what motivates me. I like to work hard for what I have. If everything came easily, then it takes the excitement out of the journey.”

Ingredients for leadership: Some leadership ability comes naturally, but Eydee says it also takes a lot of work. “You have to want to help, have a positive attitude and be a good communicator. But you also need to know how to operate as a team and make sure everyone has a share of the work.”

Making an impact: Extensive volunteer experience and her recent internship with Food Finders Food Bank have changed how she envisions her future. Initially wanting to be a lawyer, she now has dreams of starting her own non-profit organization. “I’m especially interested in helping teens from the inner city go to college. I just want to help people and make sure everyone has what they need to succeed.”

A globetrotter: An avid traveler, Eydee has visited France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria and Canada. She enjoys keeping a diary and scrapbook of all the places she’s visited.

By Tammy Weaver-Stoike