Matt Wolf

Major: Agricultural and biological engineering
Hometown: Newburgh, Ind.
Future plans: Will graduate in May and begin work with Kraft Foods.

Creating cuisine: Wolf's team won the 2008 Sara Lee Innovation Award competition, which challenges students to create new food products. Wolf helped develop a healthy whole-wheat, high-fiber, low-fat biscotti that can be swirled in any hot liquid to add sweetener, flavor and creamer to the beverage.

Why no student doesn't like Sara Lee: Wolf says the annual competition helps students see the business behind their passion for food.

“You go through the entire marketing plan. Who’s going to buy it? What are the benefits? What is the market size? Then you begin to formulate the product itself. You collaborate with industry professionals, procuring their raw ingredients. You figure out your process, what equipment you need and then you look at how much it will cost."

Food Network inspirations: “I've always seen shows on TV on how food was made, so when I saw that there was a major in it as a part of freshman engineering, I went and talked to the department and have never really looked back.”

How to build a better mouse trap: “To invent, look at life and see how it can be made simpler. When you look at inventions and products, you look at them and they seem obvious in retrospect.”

By Blake Powers