Rush L. (Lloyd) Bartlett II

Major: Ph.D. candidate in biomedical engineering
Hometown: Austin, Texas; Casper, Wyo.; and Tulsa, Okla.
Future plans: Enter a postdoctoral program or pursue a professorship. He also wants to have his first patent, as well as start a successful company before he graduates.

The damages of diabetes: Low blood sugar in diabetics can lead to shock, seizures and even death in a matter of minutes. The current emergency treatment, which quickly raises glucose levels, requires a diabetic to mix a solution and inject it, while either losing consciousness or seizing.

The solution: “What we developed, working with Rose-Hulman Ventures Program, a rapid-prototyping company, is a Chap Stick-sized container where you simply remove the cap, compress at the site of injection and it does the rest," Bartlett says. "It mixes the powder with a liquid, injects the liquid and retracts the needle so you never see it. It has a long shelf life, and the ease of use means it’s more likely to be successfully used.”

Childhood creations: “I was always interested in science and animals, catching things in jars and running experiments that drove my parents crazy because they always made a mess. At the end of the day, I always wanted to be an inventor and have kept an idea book since I was in elementary school.”

Team spirit: “It definitely takes a team. All members of the GlucaGO team have contributed equally. Without really solid team members who are willing to give their best effort, nothing gets done. Peter Greco, a MBA student, and Arthur Chlebowski, a Ph.D. student in biomedical engineering, have truly been the best business partners and friends I could have asked for on this project. It’s important for the team to compromise when necessary and most importantly check their egos at the door, because in entrepreneurship, money is on the line."

By Blake Powers