Making dreams a reality

Name: Adrianne Huber
Major: International Agronomy
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Denver, Pennsylvania

Think global: Adrianne grew up thinking she would be working in the plant genetics field of study, but it wasn’t until an encounter with a missionary from Kenya that she began setting her sights on the global impact she could make with this knowledge. In 2008, Adrianne was able to travel to Uganda, which only further fueled her passion for global sustainability.

Here at Purdue: Adrianne is focusing her studies on corn and soils, in international agronomy. During her freshman year, she worked with Dr. Lori Snyder to develop a case study based upon her Uganda experience, which was used in AGRY 105. Adrianne was able to assist Snyder with two different case studies that are in the publishing process. Adding to her experience, in January of 2010, she worked for Dr. Torbert Rocheford in his winter nursery in Mexico. While there she looked at developing vitamin A-enriched corn varieties for developing countries.

This year, Adrianne is working with Professor Eileen Kladivko on conservation tillage and cover crops for soil quality improvement. She will be using this knowledge when she travels to Uganda for a summer internship in 2011. This will allow Adrianne to begin to use her expertise in showing communities how to take care of their own land and crops.

Why Purdue: As Adrianne was looking for top agriculture schools, she noticed that Purdue was one of the top publishers in the journals she was reading. She visited universities such as Penn State and Cornell, but it was Purdue’s active student life and attention from faculty that stood out from the others.

Lasting impact: “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. My goal is to give people the tools to teach future generations ways to sustain their own communities.”

Other blooming interests: “Most people would be surprised to know that I have competed on national levels in science fairs, dairy food competitions and flower arranging. I love to arrange flowers!”

By Kate Kester