Global problem solver

Name: Morgan Goodall
Program: Masters of Science in Food Science, College of Agriculture
Year: First
Hometown: Edwardsville, Illinois

The big idea: Morgan is figuring out how to lower import costs for countries that don’t have their own wheat, for bread “By reducing the amount of wheat needed in bread, and replacing it with sorghum, which is readily available, the cost decreases thus reducing economic strain on these countries. I am looking at ways communities can incorporate crops they can grow into their daily diet.”

All in the family: Morgan comes from a long line of bakers – her great-grandfather, grandfather and father. Morgan credits her lasting passion to her Grandfather, who passed away when she was young. “I don’t think I would have continued this if it weren’t for him. I want to carry on his memory by making a difference with my work.”

Journey to master: Morgan began working in a food science lab during her sophomore year. She had two internships at General Mills, one in product development, generating cakes and cookies. She interned a second time at General Mills, where she worked on technology transfer. Morgan took her past experience of working in a bakery and traveled to France to study, taking a French-speaking culinary class to hone language skills that she took to Western Africa. She studied their local flourmills and bakeries to see what her work could actually do.

Future legacy: Morgan hopes her work with Purdue’s International Center for Food Technology Development to Expand Markets will make a difference beyond Africa. “We can use what we learn from this project to explore how we can use the proteins from other grains to create dough. We can explore how we can make other grains act like wheat, and give a country a product from their own soil.”

By Kate Kester