Name: Jamie Steiner
Major: Quantitative agricultural economics
Year: Senior
Hometown: Berne, Indiana

History under her belt: Jamie already has made her mark with undergrad research on Indiana K-12 school consolidation. Using Department of Education data, she found that larger enrollments did not correlate with lower achievement, as might be expected. Her bottom line: “If you’re concerned about costs,” she says, “consolidate. And if you’re more concerned about quality, consolidate carefully.”

Paving her path: Having worked as a Washington D.C. intern in a congressional office and for C-SPAN, Jamie has set her sights on gaining expertise that would be of value to the federal government. Her dream is to testify before Congress. “Some day I hope I can be that smart, to sit in that chair,” she says.

At the top of her list: Jamie’s first job after graduation is already lined up. Chosen for an Orr Fellowship (named for former Indiana governor Robert Orr), she will go to work for Angie’s List, a consumer-review company, for at least two years. After an initial training period, she expects to do market research or work in information technology there.

Pivotal pre-college research: Jamie scored a total of six scholarships in her freshman year — proof that there are plenty of scholarships for students who look. “In high school I did a lot of searching for scholarships on fastweb.com, and my high school was very proactive and let us know that there are a lot of scholarships that people don’t even know are out there,” she says.

By Amy Raley