The Green Sage

Lindsay Williams, a senior in chemical engineering from Novi, Michigan.

Her long-term target: A totally sustainable lifestyle.

Her plan: Lindsay conserves, recycles and reuses—especially after doing the math on energy use in a civil engineering class. Her equations showed that at the rate we’re going, we’ll run out of conventional energy sources by 2025. She and some of her classmates worked together to figure out that wind farms, solar power, geothermal energy and any other yet-to-be-discovered renewable fuel sources that are feasible will need to take the place of conventional energy sources if projections of continuing energy needs are accurate.

Walking the talk: Lindsay was already environmentally conscious, but facing the stark reality of how soon we’ll all run out of energy sent her into high gear. She turns off lights, finds second uses for items that others throw out and generally lives to conserve energy.

By Amy Raley