The Recycler

Carmen Martin, a junior from Tipton, Indiana, majoring in nutrition science and dietetics; president of Boiler Green Initiative.

Her dream: Get the campus and ideally the whole world to reduce, reuse and repurpose.

How she's getting it done: Carmen has led an effort to recycle during Purdue home football games, which yielded 45,000 pounds of recyclables last year. But her interest in being green didn't start at college. "My mom always encouraged me to recycle because it was good for the environment, so I did. Then I started to notice that so many people didn't use the recycling bins at school, and I just couldn't understand why," she said. Carmen would even take materials home at night so she could be sure they got recycled. And her work toward a more green world continues. In addition serving as co-manager (with Stephen Kelly) of recycling for BGI, she is championing a reusable water bottle campaign for residence halls.

Where to catch her: The next Purdue home football game. Be sure to stop by and say "hi" as Carmen leads a bevy of volunteers who make sure to turn Boilermaker fans' trash into recyclable treasures.

By Kim Delker