• YEAR: Sophomore
  • MAJOR: Industrial Technology
  • HOMETOWN: Gary, Indiana

Lloyd Taylor

Lloyd Taylor loves to perform -- music, dance, comedy and acts of faith and service. Whether he is creating music videos for YouTube, entertaining theme park guests at Universal Studios or serving as master of ceremonies for student-ministry events through Campus Outreach, Lloyd brings a smile and positive attitude to everything he does.

"People are my passion," he says. "I want everyone I know to succeed, and I like when I can use my talents and sense of humor to help someone have a better day."

Taking swipes

As a freshman, Lloyd teamed up with Randy Lewis, a senior in the College of Technology, to create the YouTube video "Swipes on Swipes on Swipes!" A parody of the song "Racks" by YC featuring Future, the song is about how students who live in University Residences get rid of their meal swipes at the end of the week by using them on snacks from On-the-Go locations.

The video, which has had more than 46,000 views since its debut in 2011, made Lloyd a minor celebrity on campus, especially among patrons and employees of Purdue's various dining facilities. More than a year later, people still like to call out to the "Swipes Guy" and ask to have their photos taken with him. "It's a funny, positive spin to meal swipes," Lloyd says. "I think every college student can relate to it."

Moving like Bernie

Working on the other side of the camera, Lloyd partnered with Justin Campbell as a co-producer of "Purdue Bernie," a YouTube parody of the song and dance craze inspired by "Moving Like Berney," rapper ISA's misspelled tribute to the 1989 comedy movie Weekend At Bernie's.

Want to give it a try? Just flop your arms up and down and let your head bob back and forth like a ... well, like a dead guy named Bernie!

Sources of inspiration

Lloyd inherited his comedy chops from his family, and caught the musical performance bug as a member of the marching band drumline at the Emerson School for the Visual and Performing Arts. YouTube fueled his interest in video production, and life as a college student provides endless sources of lighthearted fun and humor. Lloyd also spent the summer in character working on the Men in Black "Alien Attack" theme park attraction at Universal Studios Orlando. "Whenever I think of lyrics or funny lines, I try to write them down," Lloyd says. "If I don't work in the field of industrial technology, I'd love to try standup comedy or music."

On a mission

Lloyd has a serious side, too. He went with his church on a mission trip to Guatemala the summer before his freshman year at Purdue, is active in Campus Outreach and the Black Cultural Center, and serves as community chair for the Minority Technology Association.
"I try to live my life without worrying about what other people do, but with the security of who I am and why I am here," he says. "I want to impact the world."