• YEAR: Senior
  • MAJOR: Industrial Engineering
  • HOMETOWN: Brookfield, Wisconsin

Lane Konkel

When it comes to school pride and spirit, Lane Konkel cheers with the best of them. In fact, as head of Purdue's Paint Crew, zealous student supporters of the men's basketball team, Lane leads the pack. As a student of industrial engineering, a field that focuses on optimizing processes and systems, Lane is well-situated to lead the 3,000-member group. In doing so, she has fun and makes fun for others.

"Part of going to a university like Purdue is not only getting a great education, but enjoying your time and making the memories you'll never forget at sporting events," Lane says.

Paint Crew

Some 3,000 students make up the Paint Crew, whose sole goal, according to Lane, is to support the men's basketball team and "make Mackey Arena the loudest and most difficult place to play in all of NCAA basketball." She"s been involved since freshman year, when she joined as a general member, moving on to serve on the advisory board and as a publicity officer before taking the helm. In addition to being chief pride and spirit officer, Lane handles administrative duties including enforcing Paint Crew constitution and bylaws and disseminating information received from Purdue Intercollegiate Athletics and the NCAA.

Organizational skills

As an industrial engineering student, Lane is learning to develop, improve, implement and evaluate systems that can deal with just about anything from people to information to energy. "I was drawn to industrial engineering, because throughout my life I have always found myself trying to make any process as efficient as possible. This could be finding the most efficient way to shag up all the balls after a hitting drill at volleyball practice or arranging the steps to sell Paint Crew memberships as effectively as possible to speed up the process," she explains.

After graduation, she will work for GE Healthcare in the company's Operations Management Leadership Program. She has already spent time with the company as a summer intern, charged with reorganizing and optimizing an in-house cast production facility.

So fun I lost my voice

In her free time, Lane plays volleyball and basketball and watches sports. "I really enjoy going to football and volleyball games whenever I can. Even though I'm not organizing or leading the group, I still cheer as loud as I can," she says. Fun, for her, is limitless as long as it involves other people.

"Some people love their alone time, but I would much rather be interacting and sharing a good time with friends and family. I focus on energizing others, including everyone in the fun and making people laugh," she says.

Positive attitude

The definition of a Fun Maker, for Lane, is someone who, no matter the situation or job at hand, chooses to have a positive attitude "because sometimes thatís all that you can control. By choosing your attitude, you can inspire others to do the same, and before you know it, you can all be having a pretty great time."