• YEAR: Senior
  • MAJOR: Movement and Sport Sciences
  • HOMETOWN: Deerfield , Illinois

Brian Frankel

It's 6 o'clock on a Tuesday evening in late October and a chill wind is blowing across the intramural soccer fields. Brian Frankel is on the job — this evening as an official; other days he can be found on the field as a player. For Brian, fun is all about sports. As a movement and sport sciences major, he studies them. As an intramural sports supervisor, they are a source of income. And as a member of soccer and volleyball teams, they entertain him. In short, this guy knows how to have a ball.

How it all began

A longtime soccer player at home on Chicago's north shore, Brian began officiating games when he was 12 and started helping his parents, who ran the local soccer club. As a college student, this interest led him to Purdue's intramural sports programs, where he now works some 40 hours a week. Much of that time is spent overseeing a staff of 25 student supervisors, and, occasionally, officiating soccer games that run as late as midnight.

Looking ahead

Though he once considered a career in physical therapy, Brian plans to take a break from school after graduation and work at a Target distribution center in Indianapolis. He says his experience as an intramural supervisor — managing personnel, scheduling and ensuring smooth operations — has prepared him for the job.

"The most important thing I've learned as an intramural supervisor is that different people need different styles of management," he says. "Some people need more support and assistance, and others need more independence. If you approach everyone with the same management style, you'll probably have some frustrated employees."

What an office

Brian's workplace — soccer fields aside — is the newly renovated France A. Córdova Recreational Sports Center. He's not shy about sharing his opinion of the new facility: "It's freakin' sweet!" he says. "It's without a doubt the best job on campus. The supervisor staff is incredibly close-knit. Essentially, I get paid to hang out with friends and watch sports."

Hang loose

Brian's personal recipe for a good time? "Go with the flow. It's hard to plan fun."