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5 Students Who are Example Makers

5 Students Who
Erika Healy

Erika Healy

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  • Erika Healy
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Name: Erika Healy
Major: Mechanical Engineering Technology
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Hammond, Indiana

While only a sophomore at Purdue, Erika has not only been building her own future, but also sharing her experiences. She has dedicated countless hours to mentoring children, high school students and her peers in the College of Technology.

Expand the reach

“I have a big place in my heart for kids. When you teach them something difficult like math and they get it, it’s a great feeling to see a genuine smile on their face. I volunteer with the YWCA to help tutor and mentor children whose mothers have experienced domestic violence. This experience motivated me to reach out and help other college students and fellow classmates. I want to be part of a bigger change.”

Inspired to inspire

“A professor I had during my first semester is my source of inspiration. When I asked for help, he went out of his way to ensure I grasped the course material. He showed me that I could do it and highlighted my strengths. It was his willingness to help and his approach to mentoring that motivates me to help others.”

Dare to diversify

“Working with the Minority Technology Association and Women in Technology, I help recruit minority and female high school students to the College of Technology. There is a need to inspire more minority students and women to attend college and pursue STEM fields. I’ve had a lot of interviews for internships this year, and I’ve noticed the majority of applicants are Caucasian males.”

A mentor’s mentor

“Being the mentor chair for Women in Technology, I match mentors and mentees together and make sure they are clicking. I guide the mentors in their role and ensure they are effectively interacting with their mentees. I believe that a mentor needs to be both a friend and a tutor and lead by example.”

Switched role

“I was struggling in one of my classes and would not have made it through if it hadn’t been for an upperclassman who went out of his way to help me understand the course material. Now the tables have turned, and I’m tutoring a student who is struggling in that same class.”

Service for others

“When I graduate, I want to stay connected with the students. The president of the Purdue Black Alumni Association stays close with us. She works for Toyota now but still comes back to campus often. Like her, I want to come back to the College of Technology to help students, both academically and professionally.”

By Atul Todi and Kelly Rogers
Published February 2012