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5 Students Who are Example Makers

5 Students Who
Amanda Emery

Amanda Emery

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  • Amanda Emery
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  • Erika Healy
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Name: Amanda Emery
Major: Animal sciences (pre-veterinary medicine)
Year: Senior
Hometown: Springport, Indiana

Amanda’s enthusiasm for agriculture is contagious. As a small group leader for Introduction to Animal Sciences and founding member of the ANSC mentor program, she helps fellow students tackle issues related to both their academic studies and personal life. Her campus advocacy will bear fruit this spring as Purdue hosts its first Agriculture Week. Defining experiences during service learning trips to Haiti and Romania have cemented her desire to pursue a degree in veterinary medicine after she graduates.

Solid start

“New animal sciences students might be struggling, have questions or just need encouragement in their studies. Maybe all they need is to be shown the ropes. I have been at Purdue for a while and have resources and connections. It is important to me to share what I know to help others succeed.”

Honest relationships

“A good, small group leader helps to make connections between students. Professors always tell us, ‘These are the people you will be working with throughout your career.’ Which is so true, and as a senior, I see that starting to happen. If I can tell students, ‘This is real,’ it has a different impact than hearing it from a faculty member.”

Get involved and study abroad

“That is the advice I have heard over and over again. Keep yourself open to new ideas and literally expand your horizons. The area of animal sciences alone is so broad, and when you include the rest of the College of Agriculture, there are so many opportunities.”

Defining moment

“My first experience abroad and with poverty was in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, after the 2010 earthquake. While there, we planted a garden at one of the villages. In a conversation about the garden and my own interest in veterinary medicine, one of the Haitians asked if I was coming back. At the time, I didn’t have an answer. Now, knowing my education and faith can actually make a difference drives me every single day. And yes, I have been back to Haiti and it will not be the last time.”

Everything clicks

“I grew up on a cattle farm, and after shadowing several veterinarians, I decided production animal medicine was for me. I like how everything connects, from the food supply itself to veterinary medicine to my own passion for agriculture. If you have healthy animals, you have a better product — and a better product means happy people.”

By Susan Ferringer
Published February 2012