Searching in 3D

Name: Maxwell Cohen
Major: Industrial engineering (software engineering specialization)
Year: Junior
Hometown: Keller, Texas
Faculty mentor: Ji Soo Yi, assistant professor, Industrial Engineering

Faster, better, cheaper: Maxwell always had a passion for math and science. His desire to make things faster, cheaper and better attracted him to industrial engineering. He chose Purdue because of the overall quality of the program, variety of classes and possibilities to get involved in research.

Search in 3-D: According to Maxwell, the “amount of data available is increasing at an exponential rate.” To prevent users from getting overwhelmed with information and to search online more efficiently, “we need to find better ways to sort, organize and present data.” TagDive is the current project Maxwell is working on in the Healthcare and Information Visualization Engineering (HIVE) Lab. It’s a visual tool designed to enhance a user’s experience on a Website by enabling dynamic visualization of use tags that are generated by the users to visually search and browse.

Building a better world: Maxwell believes that knowledge should be free to all. “Our true potential as a society can only be reached when we share knowledge.” He wants to promote the concept of "open source," in which knowledge is not patented but free for others to use and build upon.

Source of inspiration: Maxwell’s role model is his dad. Like his dad, he wants to do research and build new technology to innovate and build a better future.

The rest of the story: There is more to Maxwell besides his research. Most people do not know that he was certified to scuba dive when he was 13 years old. He loves roasted lamb with saffron rice (especially the type his mom makes) and wants to travel to every continent.

By Atul Todi

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