A canvas for change

Name: Marcus Oania
Major: Computer Graphics Technology
Year: 2nd year graduate student
Hometown: Aiea, Hawaii

Aloha Purdue: Marcus chose to attend Purdue for its engineering reputation, but he quickly realized that his passion lay elsewhere, and switched to computer graphics technology. He’s now pursuing a graduate degree. “I consider myself a computer nerd and wanted to apply my passion for art into technology.”

The need to succeed: Marcus’ cousin is a “huge force” in Hawaii’s graffiti art scene, and the person who first who opened his eyes to the unique artistic expression. “He, along with others, challenges me to want to constantly improve and always outdo myself -and also him of course, which is impossible.”

Not into stereotypes: “There is a difference between vandalism and graffiti. Vandalism is destruction, and while graffiti can be destructive, you are also creating art at the same time. It all depends on where you are and whom you ask. I want to challenge others to think differently.” To see Marcus’ work, visit A.J.s Burgers and Hotbox Pizza in West Lafayette, and fraternity houses around campus.

Getting out of the comfort zone: Marcus does not limit himself to traditional art media and understands there are many ways to interpret art. “I feel that my art and the people that I surround myself with tend to challenge that comfort barrier. I like pushing people close to that comfort edge, to show them there is a whole other world out there. I want to leave some sort of lasting art legacy, which doesn’t necessarily have to get mainstream attention, but impacts the way people think.”

A man on a mission: After graduating, Marcus would like to pursue a career in California in an illustration, gaming or computer graphics company. “I would like to expand my horizons and share my passion with as many people as possible.”

Remix: Marcus has an eclectic mix on his ipod. Playing right now: “Hardboiled,” by A.Y.B SoundForce, “They don’t want,” by Electric Wire Hustle and “Fly,”(song of liberation), by Blu and Exile.

By Sarah Showalter