All the right notes

Name: Richard Marzullo
Major: Biology
Year: Senior
Hometown: Stamford, Connecticut

Making history: As far as anyone can remember, a sophomore has never been named drum major for the Purdue “All-American” Marching Band. That is, until Rich decided to audition after his freshman year. Rich has been the drum major for the last three years and each year requires a new audition.

Music to my ears: Rich’s passion for music was ignited during a family trip to a Notre Dame football game. While in the first grade, he went to watch his cousin play in the marching band, and from that day on he knew he had to be involved in music. Rich has been playing an instrument for the last 15 years. He has tried the flute, clarinet, and bassoon, but now just focuses on the saxophone.

A big hat to fill: “The drum major is tasked with a lot of responsibility. They play a major role in running game days like choosing the songs, cheers, and leading the band on the field. The tradition and school spirit on the field are part of the reason why I chose to attend Purdue.”

A familiar face: Rich has been called “The Super Purdue Guy,” as a member of Purdue’s American Music Repertory Ensemble, Boiler Brass (the basketball pep band) and the Reamers. He embodies the school-spirited culture at Purdue. “I love to be a part of the excitement on campus and be in a position to keep the traditions alive.”

Inspired: Having completed internships with Sloan Kettering and Este Lauder, Rich hopes to pursue a career in the research and development field after graduating in May. “My dad is a huge inspiration to me. I have witnessed him work his way up in his company and is now a successful man. He did not get the opportunities that I have been given and I am going to use my education to its fullest.”

Time management: When Rich is not playing in a band on campus he also performs at small venues and enjoys getting outdoors to boat, hike, camp and bike. “Less free time is less time wasted.”

By Sarah Showalter