Change Maker

Change Maker

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Lynette Flagge

Lynette Flagge

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Name: Lynette Flagge
Graduate program: Curriculum and Instruction
Year: Second-year Ph.D.
Hometown: New Orleans, Louisiana

Discipline, determination and a passion for changing lives motivated this U.S. Air Force veteran, mother and Ph.D. student to go to graduate school. Lynette is now the director of diversity in the College of Education and has started the EXCITE summer camp, the SEED student organization and Purdue’s Teacher Education Diversity Committee.

Embracing her own changes

“I was a non-traditional student, working during the day and studying at night. I decided to attend a community college and get my associate’s degree. After that, I wanted to earn my bachelor’s degree without substantial loans, and also see the world. My sister who was in the Navy encouraged me to check out the Air Force.”

Self discovery

“I like structure. I think that the Air Force brought that out in me. I’m also flexible, but I want to know what is going to happen next. I like organization! Attention to detail, discipline, determination, perseverance, structure.”

A modest Airman of the Year, 1998

“Each quarter, an Airman of a squadron is selected, and at the end of the year only one of those four airmen is awarded through a special ceremony. It was an honor to receive such a prestigious award from a hardworking, dedicated group of people whom I admire to this day. Although it seemed difficult at times to balance my academic life and military career, it is possible to do with faith, persistence and keeping my eye on the ultimate goal.”

Change Maker at Purdue

“After realizing the extent of the work that still needs to be done in the field of recruitment and retention of teachers of color, I decided to pursue my Ph.D. The steady decline in teachers of color in Indiana and the great support for diversity within the College of Education triggered me to create SEED (Students in Education Enhancing Diversity) as a supportive program to retain diverse students, and EXCITE! (Excel, Create and Inspire the Teaching Experience!) as the recruiting program to inspire students into teaching education.”

A passion for making change

“Working with students motivates me when I see them succeeding, doing well and becoming friends. It brings me great satisfaction.”

By Fabiola Rojas
Published November 1, 2011

Lynette Flagge