A combination of art and science

Name: Beth Neumann

Major: Pharmacy. She will minor in Spanish.

Hometown: Zionsville, Ind.

Scholarships awarded: Purdue Trustees Scholarship, Purdue Leath Memorial Music Scholarship and Indiana High School Color Guard Association Scholarship

Why Purdue? "It's a great school and one of just two in the state with a pharmacy program. Plus, they have a great music program."

The sound of music: Beth calls music "pretty much my life. My friends, my family, are all really into music." At Zionsville High School, she was in marching band, winter guard, full orchestra and the Indianapolis Youth Wind Ensemble. She plays flute and piccolo. At Purdue, she hopes to be in the marching band during the fall semester and the concert band in the spring semester, as well as the winterguard.

Life-changing event: On May 6, Beth's family's Zionsville home was severely damaged by a fire. Although there were no injuries, it will take months to repair the house, and the family has had to live in temporary housing. "It definitely helped in the great transformation of my life. It will definitely be easier to pack (to come to Purdue)."

Never an idle moment: Beth doesn't spend much time watching TV or monitoring social media sites like many of her peers. Instead, she thrives on having a carefully-scheduled life, and she uses a planner to keep track of her day. "I can't not be doing something. It feels good to be productive." In those rare, unscheduled moments of free time, she enjoys readying Terry Pratchett books, writing and listening to music ("a little bit of everything").

Parents a guiding force: Her parents, Jill, a Purdue alumna and a pharmacist at Riley Hospital for Children, and Steve, an internal medicine physician at Indiana University Medical Center, have been an inspiration, from her love of music to pharmacy. "They inspire me on many levels and have provided me a background in science. They've always encouraged me."

Gene pool: She's interested in pursuing a career in pharmacy and pharmacogenomics, which is the study of how genetic variations determine a person's response to drug therapy.

By Kim Delker