Ready for new challenges

Name: Nick Acosta

Major: Computer science

Hometown: Born in Dallas, Texas, but spent most of his life in Avon, Ind. Graduate of Avon High School.

Scholarships awarded: Recipient of Purdue's Presidential Scholarship and the College of Science Future Opportunity Scholarship.

Why Purdue? "A lot of my family has gone there (including his parents Aristeo and Janet, and a brother, Brandon), and it just seemed like the best fit for me."

All about the numbers: Nick said he's good at math, which is one reason he chose computer science. Another reason was what comes after Purdue. "I think there will be a lot of jobs to choose from in the field," he said.

Big-city dreams: Although it's too soon to say career-wise what he wants to do after Purdue, Nick said he yearns to live in a big metropolitan area.

Hard to hold down: Nick, who was an accomplished wrestler in high school, said he feels ready for Purdue and hopes the feeling is mutual. "The only thing I'm afraid of is that I'll be too much to handle," he said.

Ready for some school spirit: "Purdue Pete inspires me because he really gets the crowd into it," Nick said. The thing he's looking forward to the most at Purdue? "Immersing myself in the college culture."

Just a regular guy: Nick enjoys watching television ("just about anything"), reading books from the Twilight series and listening to music from his favorite group, Nine Inch Nails.

By Kim Delker