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Best of 2011

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Aaron Trembath


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Name: Aaron Trembath
Major: Philosophy and communication
Year: Senior
Hometown: Sheridan, Wyoming

A student and father of two, Aaron is a philosopher by nature and an entrepreneur who combines science and art. This is no more apparent than in his two new ventures: NanoBio Interfacing Systems and Walkthrough.

Synergy of skills

Aaron, who is a speech and debate coach, was helping another entrepreneurial student prepare a business plan for the competition when inspiration struck him. “I was already taking an entrepreneurship course, so I decided to compete the following year.” He was astonished how his philosophy training in critical and analytical thinking fit with entrepreneurship. “I have been trained to see a problem, find the gaps, find a way to solve it and then communicate it effectively,” says Aaron.

A home maker

Walkthrough, his first start-up, began as a shared idea with his friend while Aaron was remodeling his home. He provides ad-hoc, full-scale
3-D modeling of blueprints before a house is built. This technology lets potential customers experience the rooms before they invest in the infrastructure. Walkthrough’s business plan advanced to the finals of the Burton D. Morgan Business Plan Competition.

Finding the gap

Another of Aaron’s new ventures is NanoBio Interfacing Systems (NBI). At NBI, Aaron’s group produces sensors that detect electronic impulses through different enzymes. The sensor picks up these reactions, routing them through a machine where the results can be tested, tracked and recorded. NBI’s current prototype has sensors that accurately detect glucose levels in the saliva, which could eliminate the finger prick test for diabetics. These sensors have countless uses in the medical field and other areas.

An overcomer by choice

As a student of Nietzsche, Aaron uses adversity as a way to learn about himself and to find other ways to achieve his goals and dreams. He not only overcomes the challenges of leading projects in different fields, but also those related to his learning disability, ADHD, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder.

Next steps

Aaron is planning to launch NBI this summer, and as a long-term project, he would like to launch a communication and strategy consultation firm.

By Fabiola Rojas D.
Published April 1, 2011

Aaron Trembath