• YEAR: Master's
  • MAJOR: Computer Graphics Technology
  • HOMETOWN: Bedford, Indiana

Perry Cox

Perry Cox finishes what he starts.

After creating an outreach presentation for high school students interested in Purdue's College of Technology (CoT) as the capstone for his bachelor's degree in computer graphics technology (CGT), Perry chose to continue his studies — and his outreach — with a master's degree in the program.

"I felt the additional training I'd receive would give me an edge in my career," he says, "and I'm using my thesis to improve the work I began as an undergrad."

Balancing act

In addition to his studies, Perry works in CoT's distance-education lab, using his expertise in video production to bring technology classes to students around the state and beyond. He has also been instrumental in creating several marketing videos for the college, building a portfolio that includes an "amazing" production on the biometrics program.

"It's hard sometimes to balance studies and work. I use notebooks to keep lists of things that need to be done and deadlines that are coming up," Perry says. "The biggest help is that I don't plan any meetings or have any classes on Mondays and reserve that day specifically for keeping caught up in my classes."

On the ball

Perry most admires Kevin Carroll, a former athletic trainer in the NBA and "Human Katalyst" at Nike who is now a writer, motivational speaker and agent for social change. "Kevin Carroll's philosophy is that adults don't play enough," Perry says. "He has an amazing book called Rules of the Red Rubber Ball that is about following your passion and creativity to do want you want with your life.

"For me, that is video compositing. I would to love to work as a compositor at a special effects studio. My dream job would be with Lucasfilm to work on the new Star Wars movies."

Game for anything

Perry describes himself as "a huge gamer," but his interests aren't limited to video games. "I'm a tabletop gamer," he says. "I have two closets at home full of board games and card games, many of which most people haven't heard of if unless they frequent a game shop.

"I also like RGPs (role-playing games) and host a 'CGT Game Night' every couple of months in Knoy Hall. I bring a couple dozen games and we all chip in for pizza."

According to script

Of all his video productions, Perry's favorite — and certainly his most engaging — made its debut in the lobby of a West Lafayette movie theater one memorable Friday night earlier this year.

"I created a video of the five years my girlfriend and I had been dating and worked it out with the theater to show it on one of the lobby TVs that played ads and promotions," he says. "My video played while we were waiting in line to watch A Winter's Tale, and when it finished, I proposed. I had it worked out so well that one of the guys from the lab was there to film as well."