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Fire Prevention

With national numbers of campus related fires on the rise, Purdue University Fire Department added another layer of safety for the Purdue community it serves. Purdue Fire has a full-time Fire Prevention Specialist - Lieutenant. This position conducts life safety inspections, fire drills and focus on educating the diverse groups of students, faculty and staff on a variety of fire prevention and safety topics.

Mission Statement

The mission of Purdue University Fire Prevention Program is to mitigate the threat to life and property throughout the Purdue community, with the delivery of quality education, prevention, inspection and preparedness.

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Fire damage

Why is Fire Prevention needed?

  • Since 2000, 154 students have died in college campus fire deaths throughout the nation.
  • 86% of the fire deaths started in off-campus housing, with another 7% in Greek housing and the remaining 7% in Residences Halls.

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Why are there so many unnecessary deaths?

  • Careless disposal of smoking materials - # 1 leading cause
  • Impaired judgment from alcohol consumption - 50% of fire deaths
  • Lack of automatic fire sprinkler system
  • Fire overloads, candles, halogen lamps, unattended cooking, and electrical overloads
  • Tampering or ignoring a fire alarms
  • Not getting out when fire alarms are activated
  • Missing or disabled smoke alarms - Smoke detectors SAVE lives!
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