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Regulations Governing Use and Assignment of University Facilities

Facilities located on the West Lafayette campus may be used under specific policies. The Indiana General Assembly has granted the Trustees of Purdue University the power and duty to govern the disposition and method and purpose of use of the property owned, used or occupied by Purdue University, including the governance of travel over and the assembly upon the property of Purdue University. This grant of power and duty also permits the University to govern, by specific regulation and other lawful means, the conduct of students, faculty, employees and others while upon the property owned, used, or occupied by Purdue University. The Trustees of Purdue University have delegated these powers and duties to the Executive Vice President and Treasurer (EVPT). Please see the Regulations Governing the Use and Assignment of University Facilities (I.4.1), www.purdue.edu/policies/pages/facilities_lands/i_4_1.html.