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MEMBERSHIP> Ten members, appointed by the governor of Indiana; three of these members are nominated by the Purdue Alumni Association, and one of the three must be a graduate of the School of Agriculture. The 1975 Indiana General Assembly provided for a 10th member, a student.

POWERS> Selects the president of the University, decides major policy lines, approves the financial program and budget, approves the president's nominations for major appointments, and approves all construction and major contracts.

*Michael J. Birck, Hinsdale, Illlinois June 30, 2009
JoAnn Brouillette, Fowler June 30, 2009
Susan B. Butler, Tucson, Arizona June 30, 2009
*John D. Hardin Jr., Danville (vice chair) June 30, 2010
Keith J. Krach, Los Gatos, California June 30, 2010
J. Timothy McGinley, Indianapolis (chair) June 30, 2010
William S. Oesterle, Indianapolis June 30, 2008
Mamon M. Powers Jr., Gary June 30, 2008
*Thomas E. Spurgeon, Peoria, Illinois June 30, 2008
Jill L. Steiner, Berne, Indiana June 30, 2009

*Selected by Purdue Alumni Association


(as of March 2008)

France A. Córdova, President
Jay T. Akridge, Interim Vice Provost for Engagement

James S. Almond, Vice President for Business Services and Assistant Treasurer
Joseph L. Bennett, Vice President for University Relations
Murray M. Blackwelder, Senior Vice President for Advancement
Morgan J. Burke, Director of Intercollegiate Athletics
Kirk R. Cerny, Executive Director, Purdue Alumni Association
Howard S. Cohen, Chancellor of Purdue University Calumet
James B. Dworkin, Chancellor of Purdue University North Central
Joseph B. Hornett, Senior Vice President, Purdue Research Foundation
R. Gregory Kapp, Executive Assistant to the President
Christine M. Ladisch, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
Victor L. Lechtenberg, Interim Provost
William G. McCartney, Vice President for Information Technology
Joseph D. Mikesell, Interim Vice President for Physical Facilities

Rabindra N. Mukerjea, Director of Strategic Planning and Assessment
Morgan R. Olsen, Executive Vice President and Treasurer
Thomas B. Robinson, Vice President for Student Services
Alysa Christmas Rollock, Vice President for Human Relations
Alan H. Rebar, Interim Vice President for Research
John A. Sautter, Vice President for Housing and Food Services
Terry D. Strueh, Vice President for Governmental Relations
Michael A. Wartell, Chancellor of Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne