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Exploratory Studies Newsletter

The Exploratory Studies Newsletter was a monthly publication highlighting important University and Exploratory Studies events and opportunities. As of August 2013, no new issues of The Exploratory Studies Newsletter were being created.  Archived issues are available by request from exploratory@purdue.edu.

The Right Track: An Exploratory Studies Blog

Current Exploratory Studies news, opportunities, and deadlines are now available on our new blog, The Right Track, with content echoed on our Facebook Page and Twitter FeedThe Right Track posts can be fed directly into your e-mail by signing up for the RSS feed.

Other Purdue Newsletters

A number of Purdue colleges, schools, departments, and offices publish their own newsletter. For information about other newsletters and e-mail lists, contact the college, school, or department you are interested in, or an academic advisor in that college, school, or department.

Here are some that are popular with our students: