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30 Things Parents Should Do Before the First Day of Class

  1. Read Purdue’s Family Handbook.
  2. Give some lessons in doing the laundry.
  3. Spend quality time together as a family.
  4. Discuss your student’s budget – how much you will contribute and how often.
  5. Pack items often forgotten: extension cords, a power strip, masking tape, hangers, and alarm clock.
  6. Plan some care packages to send throughout the year.
  7. Even better, plan to visit your student during Purdue’s Family Day (September)!
  8. Be certain your student has medical insurance and an identification card in case she/he needs it.
  9. Obtain copies of prescriptions for medications and copies of important medical records to send with your student.
  10. If your student wears glasses or contacts, be sure she/he has a copy of the prescription.
  11. Arrange a “Going to College” party for your student and friends.
  12. Obtain your student’s postal address, residence hall front desk phone number, e-mail address, and class schedule.
  13. Have your student include your address in his or her myPurdue emergency contact information.
  14. Make sure your student’s phone/IPad/laptop is stocked with current family and friend e-mails and phone numbers.
  15. Talk to your student about how often you and your student will call, e-mail, or text one another (not during class, please!)
  16. Compile a list of campus resources (financial aid, health center, academic tutoring, counseling, etc.) you can refer your student to should he or she need it.
  17. Learn about your student’s academic program and the phone number for the advising office.
  18. Check your homeowner’s/renter’s insurance policy for property coverage while on campus.
  19. Continue to be supportive and encouraging.
  20. Teach your student how to responsibly use their credit or debit cards and checking accounts.
  21. Buy yourself a Purdue sweatshirt.
  22. Listen to your student when they talk about their hopes/dreams/fears concerning college and moving away from home. Hear what is really being said.
  23. Continue to promote independent decision making and accepting responsibility for any consequences of those decisions.
  24. Frame a family picture or upload one to your student’s laptop or phone.
  25. Be alert and use “teachable moments” to have meaningful discussions about alcohol use, new extracurricular commitments, time management, setting priorities, etc.
  26. Plan to attend a Purdue volleyball, soccer, or football game in the fall.
  27. Accept the fact that change is inevitable…but some of it will be positive. You’ll get your car back, there will be less laundry to do, you can watch what you want to watch on TV, and your food and water bills will decrease!
  28. Recognize that you may experience some loneliness, too.
  29. Learn to program your DVR and any other equipment that your student has monopolized.
  30. Relax!

Hail Purdue!

Updated 12/13/13;
Created by staff; jrr