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Additional Course Information

Recorded Classes

If your instructor records his or her classes using BoilerCast, ask them for a link to the audio and/or video. Instructors might also place items, such as videos, DVDs, CDs, or print copies, on reserve at the Circulation/Reserve Desk of the Hicks Undergraduate Library. Bring your Purdue ID to view these items on a time-limited basis. 


Your instructor or professor can be of great assistance to you. If you are having problems in a particular class, talk to the instructor and take advantage of your instructor's office hours. He or she can aid you in understanding your difficulties and can offer suggestions for improvements. Some instructors have materials at the reserve desk of the library. Others may have supplementary material at nearby copy services. Some courses have test files and other material in the BoilerCopyMaker (PMU 157, 496-3888).

Notes for Classes   

It is recommend that you do not purchase "Notes for Classes" in place of attending class and taking your own notes. Purchased notes may not be accurate. The people that sell the "Notes" work for profit-making businesses and do not necessarily have the student's best interest in mind. In addition, learning and mastering course material starts when you attend class and take notes yourself.

Academic Success Skills Workshops 

One-hour Academic Success Skills Workshops are offered on Wednesdays every semester by the Academic Success Center. No advance reservation is necessary. Topics include Time Management, Multiple Choice Exams, Lecture Notetaking, Overcoming Anxiety in Math and Science, Taking Essay Exams, and Surviving Finals Week.

Ivy Tech Community College

Ivy Tech Community College
, part of the Community College of Indiana, offers services and coursework to Purdue students and the community. Information about course availability, admissions, obtaining transcripts, etc. is available on their Web site or by calling (765) 269-5000 or (800) 669-4882.