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Departmental Help


BIOLOGY RESOURCE CENTER LILY B-401 (494-6145). The Biology Resource Center has been developed to serve the academic needs of ALL UNDERGRADUATES with particular attention paid to first and second year students. Tutorial service for the biology CORE is available at no cost. Fall & Spring semester hours: Monday-Thursday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Friday 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

HELP SESSIONS: Biology courses offer HELP SESSIONS, a good time to ask questions concerning lecture or reading material. Information on the HELP SESSIONS in contained in the course syllabus.

ATTENDANCE: Attendance is an absolute necessity for doing well in biology courses. Lecture material often expands on text material or will introduce topics not covered in the textbook. Using notes purchased from commercial sources or borrowed from other students is a poor substitute for attending the lecture and taking good notes on your own.

TEACHING ASSISTANTS: Use the Office Hours of your section’s TA. If you cannot use the Office Hours of your section’s TA, use another TA.



The Chemistry Resource Room, located in WTHR 117 (494-5310), has available tests and homework with cribs, lecture notes written by teaching assistants, auto-tutorial programs, chemistry textbooks available for student use, and tutoring. The Chemistry Resource Room is located in two large rooms with plenty of tables and space and is a great location to study chemistry. If you have a question, help is readily available.

Tips for Success in Chemistry

  • Always attend class
  • Read assigned textbook chapters BEFORE lecture. At a minimum, SKIM assigned reading noting essential details
  • After lecture, review lecture notes and supplement with textbook information.
  • Participate in question/answer sessions in lab, recitation, and in Help Sessions.
  • Regularly do homework assignments shortly after they are assigned.
  • Learn and understand definitions of chemical terms and concepts.
  • Do practice exams from previous semesters to confirm working knowledge of chemical information.

Computer Science 

A list of Computer Science tutors can be found at the Computer Science Undergraduate Student Board.


Foreign Languages (School of Languages and Cultures)

A list of tutors for various languages is available in SC 128.


General Science and Engineering 

Women in Science Program (WISP) sponsors free tutoring in the Earhart Conference Room. Tutoring is available for anyone (male as well as female) who is taking a math, science, or engineering course at the 100 and 200 level. Tutoring is provided by outstanding students in Science and Engineering.



The Math Help Room now occupies two rooms: MATH 211 helps students in Algebra and Trigonometry courses, as well as those in the Business or Technology Calculus courses.  MATH 205 assists students taking Engineering, Science, and Life Science Calculus courses.  The Help Room Schedule is available on the website.  We encourage students to do their Math homework in the Math Help Room, if possible.  That way, if a problem stumps you, you can seek assistance immediately. 



The Physics Department Student Resources Web site contains a listing of help centers (tutors, locations, and hours of operation) for Physics 149, 172, 218, 219, 220, 221, and 241/261.


Writing Lab, Heavilon Hall, Room 226 (494-3723)

Good writers have questions and benefit from feedback and conversation with a tutor.

The Writing Lab, an instructional service of the English Department, is staffed by tutors who help students plan, write, and revise papers for any course. Services and resources include help with papers, resumes (scannable, traditional, and cover letters), letters, library research, web research, editing and revising, writers block, English as a second language, tutorial sessions (drop-in or by appointment), computers with access to the Internet, handouts on various writing-related subjects, a Grammar Hotline (765-494-3723), a writing/study room, and a library. E-Mail questionsare generally answered within 24 hours.

Writing Lab Tutorial Help. Instructors are generally available from 9 am – 6 pm Monday through Thursday, 9 am – 1 pm Friday. Call 494-3723 or sign up for 1/2-hour appointments. For most (but not all) of the times listed for appointments, there is also drop-in tutorial help available on a first-come, first-served basis.

The Online Writing Lab

Available 24/7, provides over 130 printable handouts including a research paper workshop to help you start, edit, and revise writing projects. Also on the Web site are:

  • Online workshops to help create resumes.Guides to Internet research and links to search engines with a review of each
  • Indexes of online research links for students in all majors Up-to-date instructions for documentation in MLA and APA formats
  • Powerpoint presentations covering 10 different topics