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Academic Information and Services

Below is a list of resources that many Purdue students utilize during the semester.  Please contact your academic advisor if you have any additional questions.

What You Are Calling For? Whom To Call Phone
Absence Notification Contact each faculty member  

Extended Absence (more than 5 days)

Dean of Students 494-7663
Academic Grade Appeal Dean of Students 494-1254
Academic Success Center Student Success at Purdue 494-5569
Disability Resource Center Dean of Students 494-1247
CLEP Tests
Dean of Students Testing Center 494-1146
Commencement Ceremony Registrar  494-8219
Grade Change Instructor   
Graduate School Information Graduate School 494-0245
Distance Learning Courses Continuing Education & Conferences 494-2746
"Test Out" Exams Dean of Students Testing Center 494-1146
Writing Lab Heavilon Hall, room 226 494-3723