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Exploratory Studies is a two-year program that helps students discover the major that best reflects their interests and ambitions. With the guidance of our caring advisors and university faculty, students are given the luxury of a non-pressured environment to consider their future.  Each  student is assigned an experienced academic advisor who is familiar with all Purdue schools and degree programs.  A course schedule is created for each student specifically tailored to their interests and ambitions, allowing them to fulfill general requirements, while exploring all that Purdue has to offer.

Their entire path is not already calculated, but every single step is carefully considered. With completed course and a deeper familiarity with themselves, students are more prepared to achieve success within their chosen program.

Exploratory Studies gives students the opportunity to test the integrity of the bridge before they cross it, measure the depth of the water before they dive in, and consider the height of the wall before they climb it.

They are explorers, and they’re making something of themselves.

Want to learn more about Exploratory Studies? Call us at (765) 496-2299, send an e-mail, or better yet, make an appointment to talk one-on-one our Recruitment Specialist, Ashlyn Shaffer. She can explain what Exploratory Studies has to offer and help you decide whether our program is the best choice for you.

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