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Emergency Preparedness for People with Disabilities

Purdue University requires that a Building Emergency Plan (BEP) be completed for every building occupied by ten or more people. There is a VOLUNTARY REGISTRY FOR PERSONS REQUESTING ADDITIONAL ASSISTANCE form (Appendix C of the BEP), and anyone needing additional assistance during an emergency is encouraged to fill out the form and send it to the Purdue Fire Department. Purdue Fire Department personnel will assist the individual in developing a personalized response plan for possible emergency incidents. For more information please visit Purdue's Emergency Preparedness website, http://www.purdue.edu/emergency_preparedness/index.htm.

Purdue's Emergency Building Evacuation Guidance for Persons with Disabilities

  • If unable to evacuate, shelter- in- place in an area with no immediate hazards and telephone 911. Advise the police dispatcher of your location.
    • The use of 911 routinely identifies the location of the caller if you are calling from a Purdue University land-line phone. Even if the caller is unable to speak, the dispatcher will then automatically surmise that the caller may be in trouble and will respond accordingly.
  • If you are unable to call 911, advise others around you of your location and have them inform emergency personnel of your location.
  • If you are in no immediate danger, remain where you are and wait for emergency personnel to arrive.
  • If you are in immediate danger, move to an area where you can shelter in place (recommended areas would be a room with an outside window or a room with a sprinkler system if available.)
  • DO NOT USE ELEVATORS during an emergency evacuation. Emergency personnel may use an elevator for evacuation after review of the circumstances.
  • You are also encouraged to carry a sounding device like a small whistle, flashlight and cell phone to alert emergency personnel of your location.

Note: It is best to have arrangements pre-planned for evacuation assistance. Arrangements can be made to reasonably assure that assistance is provided to anyone who requires it. Having a plan and practicing it may save your life. Contact the Purdue Fire Department for arrangements or questions at (765) 494-6919.