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Web Accessibility Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. If we are unable to meet a deadline prescribed by the Policy, what steps should we take?

A. Each college, school, department, program or unit is expected to comply with the entire Policy, including the deadlines therein. Requests for extensions to the deadlines in the Policy will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis by the campus' Equal Opportunity Officer. At West Lafayette, that is the Director of the Office of Institutional Equity. A request for an extension must be made, in writing, to the Director of the Office of Institutional Equity. Such requests should include the reason compliance cannot be accomplished in the requisite time frame along with an anticipated time frame for compliance.

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Q. What if a Web page cannot be made compliant even if an extension is provided?

A. Requests for exceptions to the Policy must be made in writing to the Director of the Office of Institutional Equity for the West Lafayette campus. The Director will evaluate such requests on a case-by-case basis. Requests may be granted where compliance is not technically possible or may require extraordinary measures due to the nature of the information and the intent of the Web page. Requests for exceptions must be based on issues other than cost alone.

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Q. Who is responsible for determining compliance with the Policy?

A. The Equal Opportunity Officer at each campus is responsible for monitoring compliance with this Policy. At West Lafayette, the Equal Opportunity Officer is the Director of the Office of Institutional Equity.

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Q. Does the Policy apply to internal staff web pages that may only be needed for a few months (e.g., pages for short-duration projects such as summer instructional lab upgrades)?

A. Yes, the Policy applies to all new, Redesigned and Legacy Web Pages no matter the duration of their intended use. The Policy also applies to Web pages that can only be accessed internally as well as those that are available to the public.

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Q. Does the Policy require web accessed video content to be closed captioned?

A. Yes, if there is video content on a Purdue Web page, captions (or an equally effective alternative for accessing the information if captions cannot be provided) must be provided whether or not we own the video content.

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Q. How would closed captioning be implemented and funded?

A. Closed captioning will be implemented and funded by each college, school, department, program or unit.

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Q. How can I and/or my unit learn more information about the Policy?

A. If you have additional questions about the Policy, please contact the Office of Institutional Equity at 49-47253 or equity@purdue.edu. If you have specific technical questions about how to make your Web pages compliant, please visit Purdue's Web Accessibility Committee Website. Staff members from the Office of Institutional Equity and/or volunteers from the Web Accessibility Committee are available to meet with units upon request. Please contact OIE to schedule such meetings.

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