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Educational Offerings

The Office of Institutional Equity provides educational opportunities to the University community on affirmative action, equal access, and equal opportunity. The Office conducts customized workshops for departments interested in providing education to their staff, faculty, and/or students, and offers a variety of programs designed to build skills and enhance professional development. Generally, sessions are 1-2 hours in length and can be adapted to meet the needs of the audience.

Please follow the link for a listing of our upcoming events or contact us to schedule a session for your area.

Alphabetical Listing

  1. ADA Amendments Act
  2. ADA for Supervisors
  3. ADA Overview
  4. Affirmative Action 101
  5. Conducting Quality Interviews
  6. Conflict Resolution
  7. Discrimination and Harassment
  8. Diversity in Employment
  9. Equal Access/Equal Opportunity Briefing
  10. The Essentials of Staff Recruitment and Selection
  11. A Guide to Reference Checking
  12. Handling Complaints of Discrimination and/or Harassment
  13. Hate and Bias
  14. Interacting with People with Disabilities
  15. The Nuts and Bolts of Faculty Search and Screen
  16. Search and Screen Essentials
  17. Sexual Harassment

Subject Matter Listing

  • Affirmative Action
    • Affirmative Action 101
  • Disability
    • ADA Amendments Act
    • ADA for Supervisors
    • ADA Overview
    • Interacting with People with Disabilities
  • Discrimination/Harassment
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Discrimination and Harassment
    • Handling Complaints of Discrimination and/or Harassment
    • Hate and Bias
    • Sexual Harassment
  • Equal Access/Equal Opportunity
    • Equal Access/Equal Opportunity Briefing
  • Faculty Search and Screen
    • The Nuts and Bolts of Faculty Search and Screen
    • Search and Screen Essentials
  • Staff Recruitment and Selection
    • Conducting Quality Interviews
    • Diversity in Employment
    • The Essentials of Staff Recruitment and Selection
    • A Guide to Reference Checking

Course Descriptions

ADA Amendments Act

In this workshop, learn about the changes the Amendments Act makes to the Americans with Disabilities Act and how it will affect employment, particularly supervisors?interactions with employees.

The ADA for Supervisors

This session is an employment-focused workshop for campus supervisors addressing the implementation of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the ADA Amendments Act in the workplace.

ADA Overview

In this workshop, participants will learn an overview of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the ADA Amendments Act: what the law means, its history, and what is in store for the future.

Affirmative Action 101

A guided journey into the basics of affirmative action, participants in this session will explore the legal landscape and the role of affirmative action in employment.

Conducting Quality Interviews

Designed to provide Purdue supervisors with the tools to plan for and conduct candidate interviews, this session will highlight interview practices that will assist in making strong selection decisions.

Conflict Resolution

There are two sessions offered in conflict resolution. One session explores a model designed to teach five different styles of handling conflict with the goal of equipping participants to be able to address conflict successfully utilizing any of the five styles. Another session explores the causes of conflict, shares steps for preparing to engage in conflict, and productive approaches to positive conflict resolution.

Discrimination and Harassment

Explore the meanings of discrimination and harassment. Can the two occur independently of each other? Does one necessarily lead to the other? These questions and many more are answered in this interactive workshop.

Diversity in Employment

The session features a conversation on diversity in the employment arena, including ten suggestions for recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce at Purdue

Equal Access/Equal Opportunity Briefing

This comprehensive briefing shares with participants the University's commitment to foster an equitable and inclusive campus climate by ensuring equal access and equal opportunity for all members of the University community. The briefing invites faculty and staff to partner with Purdue to ensure a campus environment free of discrimination and harassment.

The Essentials of Staff Recruitment and Selection

Directed toward supervisors and search committees as they proceed through the staff hiring process, the session will provide guidance on adding diversity to the search process, enlarging applicant pools, evaluating applicant credentials, conducting a fair and legal interview, and conducting reference checks. Participants will receive a copy of the Staff Recruitment and Selection Procedures manual.

A Guide to Reference Checking

This interactive program on the fundamentals of reference checking offers participants answers to the questions of who, what, when, how, and why of reference checking, as well as the opportunity to get answers to their reference checking questions.

Handling Complaints of Discrimination and Harassment

This workshop will teach administrators, supervisors, and faculty how to address complaints of discrimination and harassment brought to their attention under the University's policies and procedures. University resources in the area of complaint handling are shared, equipping University leaders with the knowledge and assistance needed to successfully handle complaints.

Hate and Bias

This session offers a review of the effects of hate and bias on a college campus. Topics explored will include the definition of a hate crime and bias incidence, the attractions of hate, hate groups, and tools to combat hate and create tolerance on campus. Attendees will gain knowledge that will aid them in addressing this timely topic for positive results.

Interacting with People with Disabilities

Not sure what to say or do when you meet someone with a disability? This workshop offers faculty, staff, and students real world guidance on creating an environment of respect and courtesy when interacting with people with a variety of disabilities. Participants will receive practical advice on how to interact with individuals with specific disabilities.

The Nuts and Bolts of Faculty Search and Screen

This session is designed to aid support staff in preparing and processing the necessary documents for faculty search and screen procedures. Anyone involved in the faculty search and screen process who would like to learn about required procedures, document completion, and the approval process should attend. Participants will receive a copy of the Faculty Search and Screen Procedures manual.

Search and Screen Essentials

This presentation will examine the faculty search and screen process from beginning to end and will focus on the role of faculty as members of search and screen committees. Participants will receive a copy of the Faculty Search and Screen Procedures manual.

Sexual Harassment

Can individuals be held liable for their actions with regard to sexual harassment? What constitutes sexual harassment in the workplace? This workshop will examine what the courts are saying and the policies and procedures in place at Purdue.