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Past Initiatives

The following represent the initiatives VPEC was responsible for prior to the office's restructuring.

Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration

Dreamer Award

VPEC sponsored the Purdue University Dreamer Award, which was presented annually to an individual or organization within the Purdue University community whose contributions embody Martin Luther King, Jr.'s, vision of service to others and further the University's commitment to diversity. The Dreamer Award was established in 2004 and was presented at the University's annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration in January of each year.


Nominations are no longer being accepted for this award.


2009 - Ms. Patricia A. Carlisle and Mr. James J. Foster
2008 - Ms. Brenda Coulson
2007 - Dr. Sally Mason (special presentation July 2007)
2007 - Ms. Ashley Hornberger and Ms. Renee Thomas
2006 - Dr. Mark J. T. Smith
2005 - Dr. Klod Kokini
2004 - Ms. Jane Cassidy, Mr. Kenneth Field, and Ms. Elaine McVay

Look for the Purdue University Dreamer Award plaque in the Purdue Memorial Union, across the hall from the Director's office.

Diversity Assessments

These assessments were designed to help Purdue determine the status of diversity and other issues in order to aid in mapping strategies to fulfill our diversity vision, goals, and objectives.

Diversity in the Classroom

The Diversity in the Classroom project focuses on teaching to diversity and teaching diversity with strategies that align with institutional and discipline-specific goals to enhance the human and intellectual diversity environment for student learning.

The goal of the project is to create student diversity competencies in behavior and intellectual abilities through classroom practices and curriculum development. A collaborative and interdisciplinary initiative, Diversity in the Classroom workshops and discussions have provided opportunities for sharing best practices and articulating diversity-centered classroom practices and curriculum approaches.

Project Objectives:

  • Provide leadership for scholars to discuss inclusive approaches to teaching, learning, and assessment
  • Increase knowledge and skills about the interaction between diversity across disciplines
  • Create a common language used to inform and improve methods to teach to diversity and teach diversity at Purdue University

For more information, please contact a Diversity in the Classroom project coordinator:

Brown at Fifty

Fifty years ago, the U.S. Supreme Court passed down a decision that paved the way for public school desegregation. While the segregation of schools on the basis of race had become unconstitutional on that day in May of 1954, the lessons to be learned from the case are still unfolding today.

Vice President for Human Relations

Fostering Respect, Creating Community: Human Relations Strategic Directions, 2002-2006 details our mission, vision, guiding principles, goals, strategies, metrics, and funding.