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Equal Access/Equal Opportunity

Harassment and Discrimination: Prevention and Response

In-person Program

The session is designed to provide participants with a foundation in the areas of equal access and equal opportunity. Information on discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment, disabilities, retaliation, and the process at the University for the resolution of complaints will be presented. The University's Nondiscrimination Policy Statement, Antiharassment Policy, and Procedures for Resolving Complaints of Discrimination and Harassment will be provided to every participant. Participants are asked to assess the role personal behavior and conduct play in ensuring an inclusive university community free of discrimination and harassment.

Briefing sessions are 60 minutes in length and are limited to 40 participants per session. Use the following link to register for the sessions listed below: www.conf.purdue.edu/briefing

  • Faculty and Staff Sessions
    • None scheduled at this time.
  • Graduate Student Sessions
    • None scheduled at this time.

Online Program

  • Faculty and Staff
    • Complete Modules 1 and 2 of the Risk Management Employment Claims Initiative.  See instructions below under the "Risk Management Employment Claims Initiative" heading. 
  • Graduate Students
    • View the training module and Log in to Webcert, using your Purdue Career Account, to take the certification quiz.

Americans with Disabilities Act and the ADA Amendments Act

The Americans with Disabilities Act and the ADA Amendments Act session represents the Equal Access/Equal Opportunity Briefing Initiative started at Purdue three years ago. This session focuses on the area of disabilities. The first area focuses on the changes to the law brought about in 2009 that affect employers like Purdue. The second area focuses on the increased number of individuals with disabilities in our workforce. Purdue wants to ensure that we treat all individuals that are a part of our faculty and staff equitably and respectfully. Due to the changes in the area of disabilities, there are two sessions offered.  One is a session specific to supervisors and the other session is for faculty and staff who do not have supervisory responsibilities. Please select the session that is appropriate for you.

Briefing sessions are 90 minutes in length and limited to 40 participants per session.

Other Education/Training Opportunities

Child Sexual Abuse Prevention and Response

This session is to educate faculty, staff, and students on their responsibilities regarding sexual harassment and child sexual abuse; to familiarize faculty, students, and staff with University policy and practices focusing on sexual harassment and child sexual abuse; and to foster safe and respectful University environments to better protect students, faculty and staff from incidents of sexual harassment and abuse.

Risk Management Employment Claims Initiative

The Risk Management Employment Claims Initiative supports employees and supervisors in understanding employment related issues such as the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and other University leave policies, overtime rates, discrimination, harassment, and disability awareness and accommodations.  Participation in this program helps units meet the criteria for the new insurance deductible reduction offered by Risk Management.  Participants will complete four training modules and corresponding certification quizzes.  For more information please visit the Risk Management Employment Claims Initiative website.

Campus Security Authority Training

The Campus Security Authority Training helps individuals understand the Clery Act and their roles and responsibilities as a Campus Security Authority or CSA in reporting Clery Act crimes to campus police.  For more information please visit the Clery Act Compliance Guide for CSAs website.

NOTE: Purdue is committed to making all programs accessible to participants with disabilities. To request an accommodation or special assistance due to a disability for a program, please contact 49-46373 or vpeceducation@purdue.edu.