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Web Accessibility Compliance and Reporting

Expectations and Extensions

Requests for extensions or exceptions to the Policy will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis by the campus Equal Opportunity Officer. A request for an extension or exception must be made, in writing, to your campus Equal Opportunity Officer. At West Lafayette, that is the Director of the Office of Institutional Equity. The Equal Opportunity Officer will evaluate each request on a case-by-case basis. Requests for extensions should include the reason compliance cannot be accomplished in the requisite time frame along with an anticipated time frame for compliance and/or the proposed alternative. Requests for exceptions may be granted where compliance is not technically possible or may require extraordinary measures due to the nature of the information and the intent of the Web page. Requests for exceptions must be based on issues other than cost alone.


Beginning April 2011, Status Reports must be submitted annually no later than April 1 by each college, school, department, program, or unit of Purdue University to their campus Equal Opportunity Officer. At West Lafayette, the Equal Opportunity Officer is the Director of the Office of Institutional Equity. The Report must summarize the efforts toward achieving and maintaining fully accessible Web pages, as defined by this Policy. Efforts and accomplishments over the previous year, as well as targets for the upcoming year, must be included in each report.

In order to provide maximum flexibility to the campus community, the Policy allows each unit to determine who is responsible for status reporting within their individual units. The efforts and accomplishments over the previous year and targets for the upcoming year must be reported at the lowest departmental, program, or unit level possible. A web-based Status Report Form is available. If you have any questions regarding the Status Report Form or need an alternate format of the Status Report Form, please contact the Office of Institutional Equity at equity@purdue.edu, (765) 494-7253, or (765) 494-1343 (TTY).